Breakfast Meals in Hilo, HI

Affordable Catering and Okazuya serves a variety of breakfast items. Enjoy our omelettes, pancakes, French toast, and more. Please check out our full breakfast menu below. We even offer breakfast catering options as well!

  • pancakes with syrup
  • Omelette with rice for breakfast
  • Bacon, eggs, and toast breakfast

Breakfast Plates

*Choice of Meat: bacon, spam, portugese sausage, ham, link sausage, smokies, or vienna sausage

Breakfast Special $4.85
-2 Eggs, Choice of Meat, White rice/Toast
*Fried rice/Hashbrowns $5.60

Hungryman $7.65
-3 Eggs, Choice of Meat, White rice/Toast
*Fried rice/Hashbrowns $8.40

Omlette $7.95
-1 Choice of Meat, may include cheese

Veggie Omlette $7.95
-Tomato, pepper, onions, mushrooms
-May include cheese

Omlette Deluxe (3 eggs) $8.95
-1 choice of meat, plus veggies

Steak and Eggs $8.65
Belgium Waffle $6.50
French Toast $6.50
Pancakes $6.50
Breakfast Sandwich $6.75

Breakfast Side Orders

Breakfast Meats $3.30
Steak $3.95
Hashbrowns $2.75
Toast $1.99
1 Egg $1.25
White Rice $1.35
Fried Rice $1.85
Hash Pattie/Surimi $1.95
Mac Salad $1.50

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