Restaurant Serving Breakfast and Lunch
in Hilo, HI for Over 25 Years

Affordable Catering and Okazuya is Hilo’s one stop shop for breakfast and lunch.  We are a locally owned family restaurant that has been serving the Hilo community for over 25 years.  If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive meal, please stop in and enjoy our diverse menu.  We can feed your family at a fair price.  From breakfast plates to bento lunches, we have something for everyone.

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Breakfast Items

Affordable Catering and Okazuya offers a variety of breakfast options.  Enjoy our breakfast plates, omelettes, pancakes, and much more.  Check out of Breakfast Menu Page for all of our selections.

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Lunch Items

Affordable Catering and Okazuya has one of the most diverse lunch menus in Hilo.  Enjoy our plate lunches, bentos, sushi, sandwiches, and more.  You can also check out our steam line for even more lunch ideas.  Check out our Lunch Menu Page for our full list of lunch items.

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We Serve Desserts Too!

In addition to our breakfast and lunch items, Affordable Catering and Okazuya offers delicious desserts.  Enjoy our one of our pies or bread pudding baked fresh daily!  You can even order a fresh or frozen (with baking instructions) pie to share with your family and friends.  Check out our Best Desserts Page to order your pie today.

Catering Service Available

  • Lunch catering services available in Hilo, Hawaii
  • Catering packages for parties and events in Hilo, Hawaii
  • Full service catering services in Hilo, Hawaii

Affordable Catering and Okazuya can cater your next event.  Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday party, funeral, or business function, we can help you with your catering needs.  We also offer free delivery in Hilo, so you don’t have to worry about picking up your food.  We offer a wide variety of catering options and can customize a menu to accommodate your party or event.  Check out our Catering Menu Page for all of our breakfast, lunch, and dinner catering packages.

Catering Service Available

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri      5:30am -2:00pm

Sat                    7am – Noon

Sun                   Closed

Hours of Operation

811 Laukapu St Bay #1
Hilo, HI 96720

Phone: (808) 935-5611

W e would love to hear from you.  Please fill out our contact form if you have any questions or comments regarding our menu or catering options.

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