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American - Japanese - Local Foods

Feeding Families for a Fair Price

American – Japanese – Local Foods
Are you tired of coming up with breakfast and lunch ideas, AND your kids lunch ideas? Stop in to Affordable Catering for a healthy breakfast or lunch. Give your children a break from their school lunch, or pick up some Bentos for your co-workers.


Come take a look at the steam line for some great healthy lunch ideas! Affordable Catering’s Drive-in is open until 2pm daily, and are best known for items like their Baked Chicken and Roast Pork.


This locally owned and operated family business is steeped in traditional flavors. The Uchima family uses recipes that have been passed down for generations, like their more traditional and flavorful Cone Sushi (Inarizushi), that is less oily, but equally as moist. For over 15 years, Affordable Catering has maintained time-honored techniques, such as making and using their own vinegar.


Affordable Catering & Okazuya offers on and offsite catering with FREE DELIVERY in Hilo! Whether it’s a wedding, funeral service, private party, or school event, Affordable Catering will customize a menu to accommodate your party or event. Want to treat your staff or students to a delicious low carb breakfast, take a look at the Breakfast Catering menu.

Catering Services

Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi

Order one of our sushi platters for your next party or gathering.

Get Your Homemade Pies!!

10″ Homemade pies: Pumpkin, Apple, and Custard. (All pies made with 100% all natural butter.) Mention This Ad and Get $1 off!!!

Pie Special